Many people with physical disabilities have difficulties with features of everyday living which are intensified by environmental barriers. These are problems not usually encountered by the able-bodied.

Disabled persons often need help which invariably brings a degree of dependence. This need can be reduced and in many cases eliminated entirely, if the environment is barrier free. If the needs of the physically disabled are considered at the planning stage, a barrier-free environment can be created with little or no extra cost.

Davmark Group can help you achieve these objectives, with advise and selection of the correct products to do the task, in the appropriate manner.

The objectives of the design should ensure that:-

Minimum requirements are met in the design of new buildings and in the adaptation of existing buildings which will allow accessibility for the physically disabled.

Minimum criteria

The adoption of the minimum criteria will not only enable disabled persons to achieve independence in daily living, in employment and in social activities, but will also make life easier and safer for everyone.

The adoption of these minimum criteria will create a barrier-free environment.

At Davmark we want to help you achieve these objectives, but also improve on minimum standards to a more customer focused design, using a selection of the products to do the task, in the appropriate manner.

Quote: Frankly, minimum standards is not what we are known for, or wish to achieve for our clients David Slade (Managing Director) Davmark Group.

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